IMS was founded in 1978. In 1981 the company became a private limited company.

In the early years, the company produced footbridges, large boilers and tanks for the process industry. After buying the rights to the production of watertight doors from Golar Metall in 1986, the company’s Florida office was opened in order to gain access to the US market. IMS is the world’s leading manufacturer of sliding, watertight doors for ships and the offshore industry.

All engineering, and most manufacturing, is carried out in Norway. This is split between the company’s mechanical engineering department at Akland and the automation department in Risør. We also have a sales office here in Florida which manufactures specially for the US market. IMS has a subsidiary in Germany, as well as a worldwide network of agents.

In recent years, IMS has expanded into making spare parts for other industries. Some of the machines that were purchased for the purpose of manufacturing doors have proved highly competitive at producing spare parts.

Our automation department has expanded into producing distribution boards for industrial applications. Each day, distribution boards with ratings of up to 4 000A leave our production line at Krana in Risør.

As a result, IMS is doing well, and we will never stop introducing the latest technology in order to help our customers become leading players in their segments.

By choosing IMS as your partner, you can share in our success!