Panel building

IMS Automation offers a wide range of panel building for different applications and needs. We are a contributor to the customers solutions and development.
We have long and extensive experience in panel building for infrastructure, marine, industrial, offshore and residential projects. Contact us for a informativ dialogue about what we can do for you!

Our main partners for power distribution systems:

 cenika schneider

PLC systems

IMS Automation has a long history of developing and supplying PLS systems. We have, for example, supplied PLS control systems to a number of large cruise ships, which have extremely stringent quality and reliability requirements. Our department has also designed, manufactured and commissioned PLS applications for industrial customers.




IMS Automation develops industrial SCADA systems. SCADA is mainly used in industrial control systems, e.g. the computer systems monitoring and controlling a process. SCADA is also used to monitor and control infrastructure.pc

Software development

IMS Automation’s software for redundant and distributed I/O systems meets the strictest requirements of various classification companies and norms. The software is capable of communicating with our own and standard hardware through various types of industrial bus interfaces. Our software is modular, and can therefore be individually tailored for most kinds of automation and monitoring processes.hmi


IMS Automation is a part of the Schneider Electric’s Machine Integrator Partner Program(MIPP). This gives the customer benefits in terms of access to the Schneider’s “World” of expertice and equpiment through us as a partner.