Precision bending of large sheet metal formats is done using a high-tech press brake with 11 controlled axes. With a capacity of up to 640 tonnes, we can bend 20 mm thick pieces up to 6 metres long.

Using the Easy-Form laser system to measure the angle during the bending process ensures accuracy of +/- 0.3 degrees. The technology is also suitable for prototypes, as it measures and compensates for any springback during bending.

The sheet supports are independent of one another and be used for large formats. This makes the process very economical.

The laser department has another similar machine, with a capacity of 135 tonnes, which is used for products up to 6 mm thick and 3 metres long. This machine can also be run unmanned. We have a wide range of tools to meet most customer requirements.

Press brake – PPEB-H 640/61

This machine has 11 controlled axes, and is one of Norway’s largest and most advanced press brakes. It has a capacity of 640 tonnes, and can bend 20 mm steel sheets up to 6 metres long.

Press brake – PEB-EFL 135/30

This machine has a 3-metre bending length, and is designed for bending sheets up to 6 mm thick. It is a turbo model, designed to ensure the fastest possible bending cycle.

Both of the machines are CNC controlled, and are equipped with the EASY-FORM laser measurement system. It measures the angle of bending operations, to an accuracy of +/- 0.3 degrees over the whole length.

Both press brakes have sheet supports that follow the movement of the sheet throughout the bending operation. A wide range of tools allows us to bend even the most challenging of products.