IMS’s laser cutters are modern, high capacity machines. They can be run unmanned, which helps to make us very competitive in terms of prices and delivery times.

Laser cutting is used for steel, acid-resistant steel and aluminium. Our biggest sheet format is 8×3 meters. Unlike water-jet cutting, laser cutting is highly efficient. Having Norway’s most powerful laser allows us to cut 25 mm thick plates of both acid-resistant steel and steel. By using the very latest software, we are able to make maximum use out of all sheet metal formats.

Laser cutting is particularly suited to prototypes and pilot runs, as it is highly flexible and easy to reprogramme. The technology and automation systems used by IMS’s machines also makes them suitable for longer production runs. We can deliver everything from small parts for the furniture industry to large, acid-resistant flanges for the offshore industry.

As we use large volumes for our own products, our customers can benefit from good prices. We always have over 500 tonnes of steel available in our warehouses. As a customer, you can benefit from economies of scale through our wide selection, quick delivery times and favourable prices.

LVD impuls 8030-5kw laser

This machine is equipped with two sheet tables, a quick-change lens, crash protection, a laser eye, capacitive height sensing, a high-pressure cutting head, NC focus and a 5kW laser. It is capable of cutting sheets with dimensions of up to 8×3 metres efficiently and flexibly.

Maximum thicknesses
Steel: 25 mm
Stainless steel: 15 mm
Aluminium: 12 mm

Bystronic Bystar / Bycell / Bytrans 4020-6kW plate laser with storage tower

The Bystronic Bystar has cut control, a cross jet, automatic nozzle cleaning, a laser eye, capacitive height sensing and a 6kW laser.

It has an integrated Bycell storage tower, with 47 cassettes and a maximum capacity of 235 tonnes, and a Bytrans for automatic loading and unloading of materials from the storage tower. This makes the machines particularly suitable for 24/7 operation. The biggest sheet metal format that it can handle is 4×2 metres.

Maximum thicknesses:

Steel: 25 mm
Stainless steel plasma cut: 25 mm
Stainless steel normal cut: 20 mm
Aluminium: 15 mm