We perform laser cutting, bending and fabrication of various materials for Norwegian industrial companies.

Our laser department makes use of the Group’s wide-ranging expertise in different types of sheet metal fabrication. We can laser cut, weld, bend, machine and surface treat steel, stainless steel, acid-resistant steel and aluminium, using the very latest machinery.

To visualise the bending sequence as well as to outline the laser cut, we offer both 3D modelling and testing using simulation tools.

Our modern, high capacity machinery allows us to deliver complex, high quality solutions on time, and at competitive prices.

We have a range of sheet metal types in stock, can deliver big formats of up to 8×3 meters and are happy to help our customers with the storage, transportation, assembly and packing of products.

Please contact us for a no obligation chat about what we have to offer.
Call IMS Laser on +47 936 45 757, or send an e-mail to


Knekking av stål i store format

Med sin enorme kantpresse kan IMS laser påta seg knekking av stål i store format til plateprofiler i størrelser og lengder ingen andre bedrifter i Norge kan klare å levere.

Metallbearbeiding med laserskjæring og knekking

IMS laser vil være tilstede på Industrimessa i Fredrikstad onsdag 23. november og torsdag 24. november. Besøk oss for en prat om metallbearbeiding med laserskjæring og knekking. Du finner oss i Kongstenhallen fra kl 09.00 til 17.00.