IMS doors are a part of the safety system. Routine maintenance and service have to be followed weekly, monthly and yearly.

We perform a complete re-certification to ensure that the watertight doors are working safely and optimally. During this inspection we check the complete installation with emphasis on the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical parts to ensure that every aspect is within the regulations. All functions and every part of the system are tested, and any defect or discrepancy is rectified.

The certification is performed by one of our experienced service engineers, together with the customer’s representatives and other requested parties. The IMS Service Engineer will

– Replace the mandatory parts
– Give maintenance and service advice.
– Advise the mandatory & recommended parts to be stored onboard the vessel / rig for normal operation, and in emergency situations.
– Offer Ultrasound inspection of each WT door.

The annual inspection & service to be planned and spare parts to be delivered onboard before IMS arrives. Customers with an IMS Frame Agreement will achieve:

-Close follow up for each individual installation of the validity of certificates.
-Annual inspection at a fixed price.
-Supply of all necessary spares at a discounted price.

IMS will issue an annual inspection certificate which can be provided to any third party.

Recommended service to the doors on your installation.
– Mandatory parts to be changed within a specified interval.
– The rubber gasket is to be checked and replaced as needed. The sealing is a crucial safety issue!
– Depending on the number of uses of the door – the wheels need to be checked and / or replaced after years of operation.
– The oil & filter is to be changed within the specified interval. The system can be upgraded with outside oil filter.
– The control system is to be inspected and tested. – The MS annual inspection certificate will be provided for third party inspection.

For these services please send an e- mail to one of our coordinators:
• Service E-mail: