IMS doors are a part of the safety system. There are routines for welding, installation, and commissioning which have to be followed by the yard before testing and handover of the doors to the end user.

Installation Supervision
IMS Lifecycle Service engineers have extensive experience with installation supervision and will assure that the installation work is done according to the customers and IMS specifications. Installation supervision will normally be followed by the immediate commissioning of the system. This enables the customer to avoid costly delays and expenses that could occur due to discontinuity in the project.

Pre commissioning
IMS Lifecycle Service can assist with the mechanical installation, and even offer a turnkey solution on some special projects.

The final touch of an installation is the commissioning. IMS Lifecycle Service performs a complete service to ensure that the watertight sliding doors are working optimally when the vessel is taken into operation.
Prior to commissioning, we check the complete installation, with emphasis on the mechanical work, to ensure that every aspect is according to the specification. All functions and every part of the WTD systems are tested, and any defect or discrepancy is rectified prior to handing over to the customer or the project.
The commissioning is performed by our experienced service engineers, together with the customer’s representatives and other requested parties. If this option is purchased, we will supply all necessary commissioning spares at no extra cost to the customer.

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