IMS doors are part of the safety system. Preventive maintenance ensures that the WTDs are working as intended

We perform a survey to ensure that the watertight doors are working safely and optimally. During this campaign we check the complete installation with emphasis on the mechanical, hydraulic and electrical parts to ensure that all items are within the regulations. All functions and every part of the system are tested, and any defect or discrepancy is rectified.

The certification is performed by our experienced service engineers, together with the customer’s representatives and other requested parties.

The IMS Service Engineer will:

  • Replace the mandatory and worn parts
  • Give maintenance and service advice
  • Offer Ultrasound inspection of each WT door.

IMS WTDs are under continuous development, and regards to that, IMS can give recommendations of upgrades to ensure the safety for crew and vessel, such as:

  • Upgrade from pressurized to depressurized hydraulic system
  • Installation of safety strip to avoid possible crush injury
  • Upgrade of automation & control system
  • Various mechanical upgrades to ensure safety of crew and vessels

For further information please send an e- mail our service department: