Our company was founded in 1972, specializing in gantries, large containers and the provision of maintenance services to the process industry. IMS has been in the business since the offshore oil exploration started in the North Sea.

As a global leading manufacturer and supplier of watertight doors, IMS has expanded into other industrial areas.

Safety Windows and Watertight Doors.

When TeamTec transferred the Fire Rated Windows to IMS, our product range became even more complete as Fire Rated Windows from TeamTec was highly recognized in the marked as high quality fire-rated windows (A-60, A-0 and H-120) for the marine environment, like IMS Watertight Doors. The company’s extensive marine background has enabled IMS to construct both watertight doors and fire rated windows according to the most demanding international standards. IMS Safety Windows provide state of the art products as required exceptional protection against fire, pressure, heat and noise.

The origin is back to the sixties and seventies with Golar, and at a time both the fire rated windows and the water-tights doors from IMS, was manufactured at the same place by Golar in Tvedestrand.

Today the IMS Group consist of IMS Watertight Doors, IMS Safety Windows, IMS Automation, IMS Laser, IMS Machining, IMS Oil Recovery and IMS Lifecycle Service.